• Must Enter & Compete at 2 out of 3 Ropings (Patriot, CNFS & RSCR)

  • Ropers may enter up in as many ropings as they choose but only carry points from one individual roping (Example: Enter 10 & Under BA, 12 & Under BA & 15 & Under BA) We will take your highest points from 1 roping to carry over to our next event.

  • 12 & Under Ropers & 15 & Under Ropers will carry their highest points from either Tie-Down or Breakaway but NOT BOTH

  • You can mix & match points from Event to Event. (For example may carry points in Breakaway from Future Stars & add to points in Tie-Down at Rising Stars)

  • 19 & Under Girls Breakaway & 19 & Under Boys Tie-Down will only carry points from within their one roping.

  • If in 1 age group at 1 Event & move to older age group at next Event points will still carry over.

  • Girls may enter ALL BREAKAWAY events (as long as you meet the age requirement) but still only count highest points from one roping.

  • Long Round Points will be awarded as follows:

    • 1st Place 60 pts.

    • 2nd Place 50 pts.

    • 3rd Place 40 pts.

    • 4th Place 30 pts.

    • 5th Place 20 pts.

    • 6th Place 10 pts.

  • Short Round Points will be awarded as follows:

    • 1st Place in Short Rounds 40 pts.

    • 2nd Place in Short Rounds 30 pts.

    • 3rd Place in Short Rounds 20 pts.

    • 4th Place in Short Rounds 10 pts.

  • Average Points will be awarded as follows:

    • 1st Place 90 pts.

    • 2nd Place 75 pts.

    • 3rd place 60 pts.

    • 4th place 45 pts.

    • 5th place 30 pts.

    • 6th Place 15 pts.

  • Trailer will be given for the use of 1 year with the option to buy at the end of 1 year at discounted price.

2020 trailer rules

In case of a tie we will look back and add (1) point for every time you placed and whoever has the most points wins.

If there is still a tie we will then flip a coin to determine the winner.

Can not win trailer 2 years consecutively

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